Portable Mobile Fish Pond Tarpaulin: Where to Buy and Things to Know



Portable mobile tarpaulin fish ponds are increasingly becoming the choice of fish ponds for existing and intending fish farmers in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and across sub-Saharan Africa.

So, let’s dedicate a moment to answer some frequently asked questions about mobile tarpaulin fish ponds.


Is mobile Fish Pond is cheaper and better than concrete pond?

Yes. The plain fact is that mobile fish pond made with tarpaulin material is cheaper and more efficient than concrete, earthen or plastic ponds. This is in terms of both cost of setup, maintenance and convenience. There is a but, however. See disadvantage below.


Any disadvantage to using mobile fish pond made with tarpaulin material?

The major disadvantage of mobile fish pond made with tarpaulin is that it could leak or break if you use the wrong grade of tarpaulin material. Hence the reason fish farmers are advised to buy from Benuwatts Fish Ponds as they are far more reliable.


Will I need more than one pond to start a fish farm?

If you are starting out a fish farm, it is important to have it in mind you’ll eventually need more than one pond.

This is because, as the fishes grow, a time will come when the bigger fishes will start preying on (eating up) the smaller ones. At this point you will need to sort or separate the fishes so that the bigger ones can stay in one pond while the smaller ones stay in another. Sometimes you may even need to do a third sorting.

Hence, if you intend to raise about 1000 fishes to maturity, it is good get two or more ponds of smaller capacities than going for one big pond that will accommodate all the 1000 fishes at a go.


Mobile Fish Pond made with tarpaulin by Benuwatts Tarpaulin Ponds


Is tarpaulin good for fish pond?

Yes, tarpaulin material is good for fish pond but only if you purchase the right quality of tarpaulin. Else you could run into a lot of problems with leakages or outright bursting of your ponds.

If you intend to use tarpaulin fish pond, it is strongly recommended that you purchase the “reinforced tarpaulin” quality from Benuwatts Company Limited.

This is because there are lots of companies out there that sell fake pond made with canopy-grade tarpaulin materials.

If you cannot purchase from Benuwatts, better avoid tarpaulin ponds, at least until we are able to find another trusted manufacturer and we’d update you.


How much does it cost to build a fish pond in Nigeria?

What it costs to build a fish pond in Nigeria depends on a number of factors, including the size of the pond in question and the material you wish to use.

If the size of the pond is known and the preferred material is tarpaulin, then you can visit the website of Benuwatts fish ponds where you can find the various sizes of fish pond tarpaulins. The price of a good grade of tarpaulin, sold by Benuwatts, that can contain up to 1000 (one thousand) matured catfish ranges from N80,000 – N100,000 as at the time of this report.


How much is a fish pond?

The price of a fish pond, if it is made of a good grade of tarpaulin material sold by Benuwatts mobile fish pond tarpaulins, can ranges between N80,000 to N100,000 for a size of quality tarpaulin that can contain up to 1000 (one thousand) mature catfish.


What is the standard size of fish pond?

The standard size of fish pond is 15x15x4 feet (i.e. 15 feet length, 15 feet width and 4 feet height), which is about 25,000 litres in volume and can contain up to 1000 (one thousand) mature catfish. More information on this can be obtained from the website of Benuwatts Tarpaulin Fish Ponds, the largest fish pond manufacturers in Nigeria


Where Can I Buy Mobile Tarpaulin Fish Pond in Benin, Edo State?

Since there are no reliable manufacturers of mobile tarpaulin fish pond in Benin or around Edo state, the best way to buy mobile tarpaulin fish pond in Benin is to buy directly from the manufacturer by placing an order on the website of Benuwatts tarpaulin fish pond.

The fish pond tarpaulins will be produced and transported to Benin or any major town in Edo state using transport companies such as Faith Motors, Agofure, etc. for your onward pick up.


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24 June 2024 11:28 pm